Become a business owner with Danders & More as your sparring partner

A dream of running a self-employed business has become more and more widespread over the years. As a young person, you usually start out studying, and as time goes on, you get an idea of ​​what you want in life. Some have a dream of studying law, nursing or economics, while others have a childhood dream of starting their own business.
Whether this is the first time you need to enter the corporate market or have tried it before, questions can easily arise. real estate, stock market conditions and capital raising. Often it is just a matter of values, desires and needs. For many, it is a help to involve professional forces when it comes to making a dream come true. That is why we have chosen to guide you through a jungle of law firms, and directly into Danders & More. A strong, international law firm specializing in i.a. M&A, real estate, litigation and IT law.
Build a bridge between a company and a law firm
What’s better than having a friend in need when doubt and uncertainty arise? This is exactly the experience you will get at Danders & More. Advokathuset acts as a sparring partner and is ready with open arms to advise both Danish and foreign clients. This applies to both the purchase and sale of companies, the purchase and sale of properties, advice in connection with raising capital, restructuring and generational change.
Specializing in M&A transactions, the consultancy primarily focuses on organizing and optimizing the transaction and the process from start to finish. To ensure the most optimal corporate trade, the necessary documentation and due diligence are prepared. Legal advice with business understanding and assistance for project management and process planning is needed when the business dream is to be brought to life. And you are assured, because at Danders & More, it is the clients’ needs, challenges and commercial goals that are the central aspect.
A global perspective
With 3 sharp lawyers at the helm, who always look at the client’s individual needs, you are well on your way when it comes to providing assistance in handling the legal processes. External aid is also largely visible at the international level. Danders & More has a presence in London, which makes it possible to follow the latest trends beyond Denmark’s borders. At a time when outsourcing and globalization have a huge impact on the market and on companies, there is a need for a law firm that has fingers on the global pulse.
Experienced lawyers and partners
In addition to the razor-sharp lawyers, there are also trusted business advisors and law students ready to guide you. And that’s exactly one of the things that makes Danders & More unique. The law firm is a wide and diverse range of people, all of whom ensure a solid and correct process.
Are you in doubt about how your company will be best equipped in the future? Or do you have in-depth questions about. price, license or M&A, read more at Danders & More.
Here they see opportunities rather than limitations and are ready to guide you from A to B.

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